We. Reward. Loyalty

When you partner with the same injector for multiple treatments, you’re more likely to gain and maintain the aesthetic look you’re seeking. Firstly, regular treatments of botulinum toxins helps maintain that wrinkle-free look you get after injection. When the muscles of the face are relaxed, the skin no longer moves in a manner that creates/maintains wrinkles. A regular, scheduled treatment plan ensures these movements are not being made over long periods of time, allowing the skin to reapair itself and become smooth again (and stay that way!). Secondly, partnering with the same injector allows us to build a relationship that benefits you in the long run. If I know your face and understand your goals, there’s no guessing on your treatment plan. No surprises as to where the injections should be placed, or how much medication to use. Fine-tuning over time will allow your look to become better and better, treatment after treatment. I reward loyalty at Timeless Aesthetic Injections. Check out our current Dysport specials to learn how you can get your treatment at a lower cost and come see me again, and again, and again!


Botox/Dysport Specials

Lifetime membership

Ready to become a member and never have to worry about having facial wrinkles ever again? Make easy monthly payments to receive an even greater discount (25% off Dysport or 18% off Botox for as long as you’re a member!), and spread the cost over time to ease financial stress. Enjoy a discount on your first treatment, and make monthly payments of 1/3 of your treatment costs and never worry about the cost of injections again! We will bill your card on file at the beginning of every month, and all you need to do is schedule your appointments every three months to receive your treatments. 

*monthly membership cost may vary; $3.75 per unit of Dysport, or $9 per unit for Botox. Your treatment plan may be higher or lower, based on your specific needs.

Grab a bundle

Purchase 120 units of Dysport and receive 15% off! Use however many units you need for your initial treatment, and save the rest to use on your next appointment! Additional units can be given to a friend as well!

15% off price is $4.25 per unit, purchased at $510 for 120 units.

Referral bonus!

Do you have a friend (or two, or three) who saw your results and went “WOW!? Where did you get your Botox/Dysport/Filler???” Well, I’m introducing a new referral bonus program starting NOW! How does it work? Simple! Grab one of my business cards and write your first and last name on it with a sharpie. Give it to your friend and tell them to come see me! When they receive their first treatment, I’ll give them 10% off and credit your account with $25 towards your next purchase!

Stop by the office to grab some cards and make sure you grab a handful at your next appointment!

Dermal Filler Specials

Injectable Facelift Restylane.jpeg

Introducing: “The Injectable Facelift!”

Choose between Restylane or Juvederm products and receive 4 total syringes of filler. One to lift each cheek, one to rejuvenate your “tear trough,” under-eye area, and one for lip enhancement.

Whats the difference???

Both products are extrememly high quality dermal fillers; both are made of non-animal-sourced Hyaluronic Acid and mixed with lidocaine to reduce pain during injection. Restylane is made by the same company that makes Dysport; Juvederm is made by the same company that makes Botox. The biggest difference is the time that each product will last in the body. Restylane Lyft stays in the cheeks for 12 months, while Juvederm Voluma lasts for 24 months. Restylane Silk and Restylane-L last 6-12 months, while Juvederm Volbella lasts 12+ months.

With the purchase of the Injectable Facelift, any Botox or Dysport will be offered for 25% off!

Injectable Facelift Juvederm.jpeg


The Complete Lip Package

This package includes 1 syringe of filler for lip volume and enhancement, a 3D vermilion border outline with Smooth PDO threads, and a Micro-Dysport Lip Flip!

Separately, these procedures would cost $740, but purchased as a package we’re offing all three for $600!

Members will still receive a 15% discount, so all three procedures for $510! Add them to your monthly payments for only an additional $85/month and get the Complete Lip Package every 6 months!


PDO Breast Lift

One of our newest packages at Timeless; we use new, stronger PDO threads to lift the breasts and create a firmer, tighter appearance! Results typically last between 1.5-2 years! This procedure takes roughly 2 hours and is minimally invasive. There’s very little downtime other than soreness and having to wear a sports bra for two weeks after the treatment.

Surgical breast lifts cost around $7,000, and can leave you with scars and much more pain and downtime; this treatment at Timeless is offered for only $1,200!!!


The Complete Jaw Line Package

One of out most comprehensive packages! We use lifting threads, smooth threads, and Radiesse filler to pull the skin tight around the jaw, build collagen, and use filler to add definition! Seperately, these items would cost $2,200, but combined as a package, you’ll only pay $1,500!

Your ideal face is waiting.