The first & only injectable double-chin treatment!

Kybella is the brand name of a medication called ‘deoxycholic acid’ which can be injected into the fat layers under the skin and destroy fat cells permanently!

Kybella is FDA approved for treatment of fat under chin (in what is called the “submental” area of the chin/neck).

Small amounts of the product is injected with a very small needle into the fat under the skin in multiple places across the submental area. Te medical destroys the fat cells and your body will metabolize them out over time, causing a permanent reduction in size in the area under the chin.

Many clients experience a burning sensation during injections, and should expect the area to swell for some time after the treatment. This swelling is a good sign, as it means the product is working. Pain is decreased with the application of topical anesthetics prior to injection, and applying ice packs to the treatment area after can reduce post injection pain and swelling.

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The client may require multiple treatments, depending on the severity of the area treated, the clients expectations/goals, and the aggressiveness of treatment protocols that the client chooses.

Kybella is charged by the mL of product used, not by number of treatments. I do not charge treatment fees!

The number of injection spots is specific to each client, based on their anatomy.

Schedule a consultation to determine how much you will need.

The cost for Kybella is $300 per mL.

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Treatment expectations

The amount injected into each injection spot can be dosed by how aggressive the client wants to be in their treatment. For example, we can inject a maximum of 0.2mL into each injection spot; if the client wants to reduce swelling and down-time, we can inject less into each area. The client may require multiple treatment sessions to achieve desired results.

If you choose a more moderate approach, this will result in more treatment sessions with less product used per session. THIS APPROACH WILL NOT COST MORE MONEY. You will pay for the amount of product used, which will not cange

Treatments can sometimes range between 2-4 mL, depending on client needs/goals

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